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South Georgian Bay

Art Galleries in South Georgian Bay

Art Galleries in SGB

There’s something about South Georgian Bay that draws the artistic eye. The gorgeous natural landscape makes for a perfect setting to showcase some of the best fine artwork from near and far. Here we’ve highlighted our favourite galleries peppered throughout SGB! While we try to provide the most accurate information possible, please remember to check the individual businesses’ hours and method of operation. 



Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts (BMFA)

The Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts is a non-profit organization whose primary objective is to promote excellence in visual arts within the community. With monthly exhibitions each with a different theme and featuring new local artists, the BMFA is a great way to support the South Georgian Bay community while getting your fix of art viewing!


Brights Gallery

Bright’s Gallery 

This fine art gallery located in the Blue Mountain Village focuses on pieces from established Canadian artists whos work is known from coast to coast. Bright’s has created a comfortable and cozy space for gallery patrons and visitors to view an amazing collection of original Canadian art, ranging from Indigenous art stylings to Impressionism, finished in warm heritage tones and complemented with lighting to showcase each painting.




Butter Gallery

Butter Gallery 

Butter Gallery specializes in contemporary Canadian art.  The gallery, located downtown Collingwood, features art from across Canada with an emphasis on local Ontario artists.  In addition to walls full of large to small sized paintings and multiple sculptures, they feature locally made jewelry.





Matilda Swanson Gallery

Located in Clarksburg (or “Artsburg”) , Matilda Swanson Gallery houses an eclectic collection of original artwork that varies from folk, to whimsical, to abstract, to traditional.  With a goal to have something for everyone, the gallery features hundreds of paintings on site that stem from over 40 artists. This gallery is a fun, colourful and casual atmosphere that will surely add a little spice to your day.




craig gallery meaford

Craig Gallery

Craig Gallery is a family run art gallery in downtown Meaford featuring the work of established Ontario artists, local artists and artisans. Set in a large space with lots of natural light, they offer art in a variety of mediums at all different price points. Craig Gallery is currently hosting virtual events, with plans to host educational workshops and in person events as Covid-19 restrictions ease.




Dorland-Haight Galleries

“The Gallery”, as it’s known locally in Wasagag, deals in local Canadian and International art. The Dorland-Haight Gallery, and their affiliates, were among the first to contract with the U.S.S.R. when Gorbechov announced Glasnost and Peristroyka in 1985. Since that time they have represented many highly successful artists from Eastern Europe.


Tremont gallery Tremont Studios

Visiting Tremont Studios in Collingwood, Ontario, is described as an authentic and energizing experience. Located on the second floor of The Tremont, there are 10 working artists in individual studios, creating a diverse and stunning variety of art. The hallways of the building serve as a gallery with new shows every other month. The studios are open to the public to meet the artists (currently only by appointment).


Marsh St. Gallery


Marsh St. Gallery

Also located in Clarksburg (or “Artsburg”), Marsh St. Gallery is a collective of local artists offering Canadian artworks in all forms of visual arts : oil, acrylic, wood-working, metal, glass, pottery, jewelry, photography, stuffed-animals, and mixed media.


Loft Gallery

Loft Gallery

Having artwork displayed in the Loft Gallery is quite an honour, and could be considered a lofty goal for most artists. Displaying only the best of the best, Thornbury’s Loft Gallery is incredibly visually appealing. This gallery features local and national artists, and is a lovely setting for perusing through a diverse range of exquisite paintings that truly speak to the soul.

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Planning to visit South Georgian Bay in the near future? Please contact individual businesses to confirm method and hours of operation and plan ahead by making reservations when possible. Visit our “Know Before You Go” page by clicking here.

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