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In the wise words of George Bernard Shaw, “you use a glass mirror to see your face, you use a work of art to see your soul”. We couldn’t agree more, George! South Georgian Bay is filled with artistic experiences to nourish your soul and feast your eyes. Here is our list of the top 6 visual art experiences in South Georgian Bay!


Bonnie Dorgelo Paintings and Jewelry

Bonnie Dorgelo is known for creating handmade, high quality and absolutely beautiful jewelry, on sale in her historic schoolhouse-turned art gallery. Bonnie’s handcrafted earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants make for the perfect gift or personal purchase. In addition to her jewelry, Bonnie creates lovely paintings using traditional and modern shapes and symbols to convey emotion, often inspired by life, beauty and mystery.Bonnie Dorgelo

Loft Gallery

Having artwork displayed in the Loft Gallery is quite an honour, and could be considered a lofty goal for most artists. Displaying only the best of the best, Thornbury’s Loft Gallery is incredibly visually appealing. This gallery features local and national artists, and is a lovely setting for perusing through a diverse range of exquisite paintings that truly speak to the soul.Loft Gallery


Kelly Gale Creative

From art to music, creative workshops and classes. Kelly Gale Creative is just a downright fun and interesting time. With an eye for art and a display of excitement there’s no telling what you can create with Kelly Gale Creative. Explore your inner child with your child at one of the many workshops or let your inner voice be heard. Explore and get lost in a sea of colour, music and more!Kelly Gale Creative


The Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts is a non-profit organization whose prime objective is to promote excellence in visual arts within the community. With monthly exhibitions each with a different theme and featuring new local artists, the BMFA is a great way to support the South Georgian Bay community while getting your fix of art viewing!BMFA

Crock a Doodle

Crock a Doodle is a fantastic way to enjoy the visual arts not only by viewing artwork, but by creating your own! Choose from a wide variety of unique, blank pottery pieces and begin your artistic journey! Once you have painted your pottery to your heart’s content, it will be placed in a kiln, creating a glossy texture that makes your piece look even more professional than it already does.Crock A Doodle

Leishman Pottery

The pottery pieces from Leishman Pottery are absolutely stunning. Most pieces feature a Canadian theme, showcasing animals commonly found in the Canadian wilderness and iconic Canadian symbols. Hand sculpted and hand painted, Leishman Pottery is about as unique as it gets. We definitely recommend taking a stroll through the Leishman Pottery shop, and see for yourself the breathtaking beauty!Leishman Pottery








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