The Trails are Calling

It is not uncommon to instantly be captivated by the natural beauty found in Southern Georgian Bay!

With copious trails and paths available, one can spend a great amount of time discovering the many faces this beautiful region carries. From a tranquil walk along a babbling brook, to a snowshoe in the woods after a fresh snowfall, there are endless ways to get out and explore this winter.


Duncan Crevice Caves Provincial Nature Reserve 

The Duncan Caves is a 10.5km trail that loops you through a variety of different terrain and ever changing landscape. Experience and explore the stillness of the forest, the rush of the waterfalls and the spectacular view from multiple lookouts at the top. There are many opportunities to veer off the main trail and explore further gems. This is what makes the Duncan Caves trail truly exquisite. Whether you are going for a leisurely walk with your dog, or embarking on a snowshoe with friends, be sure to pack some hot chocolate with you, as there are a number of rest stops to sit and enjoy something warm.

Nottawasaga Bluffs Conservation Area

If you are looking for a shorter trail that spares no intrigue, the Nottawasaga Bluffs may be just the path for you. You are instantly welcomed by an array of Evergreens, standing tall and happy to direct you to its peaceful forest. Off the main trail, The Bluffs are a maze and entanglement of rocks, caves and crevices. Whether you visit day or night, a headlamp is always recommended, allowing you to further explore its deepest nooks and crannies. Snowshoes or Ice Cleats are always a great option while exploring the rocks, as there can be some steep climbs and slippery slopes. Be sure to visit the spacious Lookout while you are there. If timed properly, you could be one of the few to witness a miraculous sunset from the best seat in the area.

Blog & images were provided by South Georgian Bay resident: Lauren van Diepen

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