Scenic Fall Drives

South Georgian Bay is full of gorgeous scenery. There are so many ways to take in these views, but we’ll let you in on a secret – some of our favourite views are visible when driving throughout the region. While you can admire the beauty year-round, we get especially excited as it gets closer to fall!

Beautifully coloured leaves coat the ground and trees, painting the horizon in rich reds, yellows and oranges. We have outlined some of the most scenic autumn drives, perfect for viewing the elegant beauty of the area! 

Grey Road 40 (Heading East)


This rolling country road surrounded by trees and fields emulates the pleasant atmosphere of fall. The trees are various shades of joyful fall colours and leaves coat the ground and the views of Georgian Bay and Niagara Escarpment is a sight not to be missed. Roll down your windows as you make your way east down this road, getting a whiff of the crisp, fresh, autumn air. 


Blue Mountain Lookout/ Scenic Caves Road  

Blue Mountain Lookout
Blue Mountain Lookout


Wind your way up Scenic Caves Road, appropriately named for its beautiful scenery, surrounded by trees and catching some glimpses of Georgian Bay from an elevated position. Once you reach the high point of the road, you will be rewarded with an astonishing view of the town of the Blue Mountains, Collingwood and Georgian Bay. 


Concession Road 8 B


Beginning at the Feversham Gorge lookout (which in itself is absolutely gorgeous), continue down concession road 8 B toward Lake Eugenia. Passing pristine farmland and beautiful farmhouses, this is a relaxing and pleasant drive perfect for a rainy autumn morning. Eventually you will reach lake Eugenia, a peaceful lake surrounded by quaint cottages and boat rental facilities.


Beaver Valley Lookout
Beaver Valley Lookout

Grey Road 13/Beaver Valley Lookout


Look out over a vista of striking fall colours as you drive through the Beaver Valley. As you pull up to the Beaver Valley lookout, you will be absolutely gobsmacked by the exquisite view of the valley. Drive through the quaint village of Thornbury and make your way through the many charming communities throughout Beaver Valley, enjoying the display of fall colours.


Concession Road 6 South


Feast your eyes on rolling farmland, crystal clear ponds and bright trees as you cruise your way down concession road 6 south. As you reach the end of the road, veer right to head to Giffen’s Country Market and treat yourself to a phenomenal butter tart or even some top quality pie!


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