Refilleries In South Georgian Bay

April is Earth Month and we want to do as much as we can to preserve this wonderful environment we call home. Thankfully, SGB is also home to several refilleries that help us to ditch the plastic and choose more eco-friendly alternatives to our usual products. The refilleries listed here are really cool places that make for an awesome addition to your regular errands and shopping routine. Please remember to stay safe and follow public health guidelines when out for essential purposes. Ontarians are currently required to stay home and limit trips outside of the house and between regions to essential purposes only. Not local? You can still plan now and visit later.

pine refillery

Pine Eco + Refillery Boutique 

Located in Collingwood, Pine’s goal is to make a positive impact on people’s lives, the community, and the environment and wow do they ever! This mother-daughter-owned business makes being eco-friendly simple and even more desired. Pine offers eco-friendly and stylish products that are affordable, natural, and most importantly, refillable! When restrictions ease, stop by their storefront and take a picture on the cool indoor swing while you browse products like eucalyptus steam cubes or washing detergent in the form of strips! Pine also features local artisan products that make for great additions to your home and wardrobe. We love how Pine Eco + Refillery Boutique is helping us to transition into a greener, cleaner, and healthier lifestyle! Check out their Instagram and blog! Currently open for pickup, delivery, and curbside refills.

creemore refill

Creemore Refillery 

The township of Clearview stands behind a “voluntary ban on single-use plastics” making it the ideal location for a chique refillery that helps you ditch the plastic bottles and choose to refill! All-natural, cruelty-free, and Organic, Creemore Refillery sells everything from shampoo to household cleaners. More sustainable products are also available, all without that plastic packaging. Creemore Refillery is yet to know a life without COVID, but has been met with tremendous support and has successfully adapted to the changing times. The “little refillery that could” will welcome you! Checkout their instagram for more information. Currently offering curbside pickup and online or email ordering. As they are a business that sells essential items to keep you and your home clean, should you require, they will be allowing one person in the store at a time.
creemore refill

Meaford Refillery

After the success of the Creemore Refillery in increasing accessibility of eco-friendly products, it was decided that the same solution should be offered to the amazing community of Meaford, and hence the Meaford Refillery was born!  A sister company to the Creemore Refillery, the Meaford Refillery will open May 1st, 2021 and offer a series of all-natural, organic, cruelty-free and refillable products. As they are a business that sells essential items to keep you and your home clean, should you require, they will be allowing private appointments for in-store shopping after May 1st.

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