Why We Love Collingwood Local Restaurants (And You Should Too!)

Supporting Local Restaurants | Why We Love Collingwood Local Restaurants (And You Should Too!)

Online orders and curbside pick up have become the “New Norm” for Collingwood Restaurants. As a result of the pandemic, Collingwood dine in locations have had to strategize new ways to stay agile while maintaining their core business. The hospitality industry in Collingwood has faced hurdles throughout 2020 and 2021 with the ban of dine in seating. With stay at home lockdown in effect, restaurants have had to move quickly in developing modernized ways of online orders and curbside pick up. Which has ultimately shifted day to day operation.  Nonetheless continues to withstand these difficult times.  If you are looking for delectable meal options in the area take a look at some suggestions below!


The Tremont Café

Tremont Cafe Take Away Curbside
Tremont Café – Collingwood

The Tremont Café is an elegant restaurant that features gourmet European cuisine. Their take away menu is available online Thursday – Saturday from 4:30-8:00pm with available scheduled times for pick-up . In addition, their menu offers a wide range of take away food options as well as; prepared sauces, sparkling wines, white wine, red wine and much more!



Low Down

Low Down Take Away
Low Down – Collingwood

The Low Down restaurant has a trendy twist on Asian inspired cuisine and cocktails in the heart of Downtown Collingwood. As well as the variety of different menu options, they include Vegetarian friendly and Vegan options as well! Easily access their online ordering system that makes it simple to have curbside pick up OR call in to place an order and pick up time!



Fig & Feta

Fig and Feta Collingwood
Fig & Feta – Collingwood

This local hotspot is a relaxed setting that offers an array of Greek pitas, platters and small plates. Furthermore, Fig & Feta has partnered with Dash Deliveries/Feasitfy in order to offer a wider delivery system here in Collingwood.



Now more than ever is the time to show support to our local shops and restaurants! There are a ton of ways to help business in the South Georgian Bay and these are some great tips:

5 Ways to help local Restaurants & Shops

  • Buying gift cards
  • Use Crubside Pickup
  • Buy local Merchandise
  • Sharing photos on Social Media
  • Leaving a review

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