The Beaver River Trail

Beaver River Trail

Total Distance: 10.7km

Rating: Easy

This trail starts in Thornbury harbor, connects through Clarkburg and on to the Clendenan dam.  This trail encompasses a number of scenic views and parks while following the Beaver River as much as possible. In the fall the Beaver River is the home to numerous salmon running up stream as well as fishermen on the river banks.  This is especially true in Fireman’s park which is a favourite spot for fishermen in the fall.

With nice looped trails as well as a completely different feel to each segment, you can take this one in sections if you want to cut down on time or do the whole trail in one go. There are really nice sections to stop for a little snack or do some bird watching as well.

The trail jumps from section to section and follows the roads in areas. The roads aren’t marked and because of this make sure to have a map handy to limit your chances of a wrong turn!


A complete map including all trails can be found here for Thornbury



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