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Head south on County Road 124 from Collingwood. Turn right on to County Road 4, drive through the country side and then stop in at the showroom gallery at The Rusty Star in Maxwell. Continue west on County Road 4, when you reach County Road 13, turn right and stop in at the Eugenia Falls Emporium. Continue north on 13 and get ready to descend into expansive views of the Beaver Valley and the quaint village of Kimberley. Continue on 13 until you reach the Beaver Valley Cidery on your right. Continue on County Road 13 and turn right onto County Road 119.  Stop in at Ravenna Country Market on the corner of 119 & Grey Road 2 and treat yourself to their famous butter tarts. Continue on County Road 119 and prepare for incredible views of Georgian Bay. The Blue Mountain lookout will be on your left. Continue back to Collingwood down Scenic Caves Road and Mountain Road.

Beaver Valley Cidery


Starting at Beautiful Joe Park, a peaceful and serene 8.5 acre parcel of Parkland on the banks of the picturesque Big Head River in Meaford.  Head east on Highway 26 and just past the town, a stop at Grandma Lambe’s is a must. Just a few minutes from Meaford you will reach Thornbury. Turn left when you reach Downtown at Bruce Street and stop in at the Harbour Mews for a fusion of fun.  Get back on to Highway 26 east for a beautiful shoreline drive along Georgian Bay. For your final stop, check out the latest fashions & gear at Blue Surf located just off Highway 26 in Craigleith. Turn left back onto 26 and make a left turn on County Road 40 and get a panoramic look at the edge of Escarpment and Georgian Bay. Turn right on County Road 7 which will take you right back into Meaford.

Grandma Lambes


Take County Road 124 south from Collingwood. Turn right onto County Road 91 & right again on Osprey Clearview Townline.

Continue straight until you reach a dead end, you will see a sign that says Nottawasaga Lookout. Explore the lookout and this section of the Bruce Trail.

Continue south on Osprey Clearview Townline until you get to Singhampton. Make a left to get on County Road 124. Continue on 124 and then turn right when you reach Concession 8/Nottawasaga Road.  Turn left onto Station Street until you reach Fairgrounds Road South. Turn right and keep heading south. You are going to be on high ground overlooking rolling farmland to the west and panoramic views of Nottawasaga Bay to the east.  Be prepared for a steep descent into the village of Creemore’s treelined main street with quaint shops and pubs.
Stop in at Creemore Springs brewery for a tour or to browse the retail shop.
Diagonally across the street from the brewery, you will find Heirloom 142. A home goods store filled with Old World Unique decor, linen, candles, and rugs. Head north again and turn left on Highway 26 to Stayner’s lovely small town streets and shops. Make sure to stop at the new Clearview Eco-Park for a stroll around the lake.  Take highway 26 west back into Collingwod.

Heirloom 142


In Clarksburg, start your drive by heading south on County Road 2.  Make a stop at Georgian Hills Vineyard which will be on your right hand side. Enjoy a platter of artisanal cheese and charcuterie, or make a reservation for one a guided tour or wine tasting.

Afterwards, continue south on County Road 2, turn left on County Road 31, then look for the Pretty River Valley Road on your left. Stop in at the Pretty River Valley Provincial Park, you should see an entrance to the trail on your left.

Continue your journey down Pretty River Valley Road and when you reach Concession 10, turn left and look for views of Clearview on your right and the Blue Mountain ridge on your left.

Turn left on Poplar Sideroad, then right on County Road 19.  At Mountain Road, turn left at the lights and continue straight towards the Blue Mountain. At the roundabout, follow the signs to Blue Mountain Village. Find parking for the Village, (free parking can be found on your left or right hand side). Once you are in the Village, browse the shops & treat yourself to a bite at one of the many eateries.

Georgian Hills Vineyard