Nancy Island Historic Site

Nancy Island Historic Site has served as a historic site since 1928 and is the most viable site to the War of 1812 in Simcoe County and the Georgian Bay region.  It represents a major event during the War of 1812: HMS Nancy’s battle against three American schooners on August 14th of 1814.  The island houses the charred hull and artefacts of the HMS Nancy from this pivotal moment in Canadian history.  The borders of Canada today are a direct result of the valiant struggles of Nancy and her crew!

The British Schooner, Nancy, was a fur trading vessel during the War of 1812 and was on the Nottawasaga River August 14, 1814. On that day, Nancy was destroyed in battle. Today you can see the hull of the Nancy and a display which tells the crew’s heroic story.

During the spring, summer, and fall join park staff as they bring the story of the Nancy and her crew to life! You have the opportunity to take a tour of the site and interact with a historical character from Wasaga’s past.

Please call Park Office at 705-429-2516 (year round) or Nancy Island Welcome Centre at 705-429-2728 (May to October, 2019)

Wasaga Under Seige 2018

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