Metcalfe Rock


Metcalfe Rock

Total Distance: 2.4km

Rating: Easy/Moderate


Camouflaged in its quiet rural environment, Metcalfe Rock boasts some of the most beautiful views in the area. From the top of the rocks facing across the Mitchel Creek valley to its complex rock and crevice ridden trail system following a natural spring it is no wonder that Metcalfe Rock is as popular as it is. A popular spot for hikes, snowshoeing and rock climbing.


Located in the Beaver Valley Club of the Bruce Trail Metcalfe Rock is a gentle haven of ancient white cedars mixed in with deep cold caves and crevices; and quality rock climbs. We
recommend taking a guide from Free Spirit Tours for climbing and caving in this area to get the most out of the area.


Hike or snowshoe through the crevices and caves that surround the popular Metcalfe Rock climbing area.


A complete map including all trails can be found here for Metcalfe Rock.


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