Indian Falls


Indian Falls

Closed during the winter months, re-opens in May

Indian Falls are in Sarawak Township, at the northwestern edge of Owen Sound. The main natural feature of this site is the horseshoe-shaped waterfall, named after the Newash Indian Tribe who lived in this are at one time.

Enjoy the 1 km walk through the Indian Falls Conservation Area, which leads you through ferns, trees and wildflowers before reaching the falls. The horseshoe-shaped falls drop to a quiet pool before Indian Creek flows on to empty into Owen Sound Bay.

The 15 metre high waterfall was formed by the erosion of soft Queenston shale beneath hard Manitoulin dolomite, in a manner similar to Niagara Falls.

Please note that access to the base of the falls is strictly prohibited 

Driving Directions

Follow the scenic Georgian Bay Route from 2nd Avenue West to Grey Road 1. Look for Conservation Area sign directing you west to parking area. Parking fees apply.



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