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Duntroon Highlands

Hiking at Duntroon Highlands

Duntroon Highlands

Hiking at Duntroon Highlands just got a lot more exciting this season with scavenger hunts and trail packages perfect for you. The Escarpment is one of only thirteen Canadian UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves, because of its unique cliffs and diverse forest ecosystem (one of the oldest in eastern North America). There are a series of trail tours that let you discover the forest, formations and farming history that has defined the shape of the Escarpment


Guided Tours

Duntroon Highlands

The Waterfall Tour is a shorter, 1 hour loop that meanders down through the diverse forests and natural rock formations of the escarpment to a lovely waterfall and babbling brook.

The Escarpment Tour is the longer, 2 hour loop that carries on past the waterfall to climb to the top of the ridge, offering breathtaking views of the Nottawasaga Valley and the Georgian Bay.


Special Fall Tours

The Waterfall Trail & Cider Sipping Tour offers an immersive guided tour of the fall escarpment and a cold, local Duntroon Cyder at a picturesque spot. This tour is about 1 hour long and includes exploring a hollow where the headwaters of the Batteaux River start.

The Escarpment Trail & Lunch Tour on Sundays offers a comprehensive guided tour of the fall escarpment which includes a new section of the Bruce Trail. The tour is about 2 hours long and includes $15 in Duntroon Dollars for purchasing lunch from the Cafe’s Fall Menu for enjoyment on the trail or on the patio.


All tours offer an immersive exploration of:

Duntroon Highlands

Forests – Discover 10 different types of trees that call the escarpment home, what makes them special and what they contribute to the eco-system.

Formations – The rock that forms the Escarpment was laid down over 400 million years ago under a giant warm sea. The trails follow a stream that forms the headwaters of the Batteaux as well as a ledge formed by erosion of the softer limestone.

Farming History – Evidence of unique Indigenous settlements dot the escarpment but it was the Scottish farmers who dramatically started changing the landscape. The remains of their farming efforts are highlighted and how they shaped what Duntroon Highlands looks like today.


Self Guided Hikes

Explore a range of trails nestled on one of the highest points of the escarpment.  The trails offer breathtaking views, the sound of babbling brooks and meandering forest paths. Please note self guided hikes are only available during the Spring, Summer & Fall.

Waterfall Trail Accessible from the Clubhouse, this trail winds past the scenic Rockside waterfall, then meanders along a burbling brook before looping back up to the Clubhouse.

Upper Trails Head up from the Clubhouse along the gravel road and up the switchback to access a range of trails including The Maze, Horizon Hike and many more.  The views are spectacular with the trails winding through remnants of the region’s farming heritage and natural flora that define the Niagara Escarpment.

Bruce Trail Head up to explore the Upper Trails and one of the first things you’ll hit is the main Bruce Trail.  It’s the oldest and longest marked hiking trail in Canada. It stretches 840 kilometers from Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula down to the Niagara Peninsula.  The trailhead at Duntroon Highlands sits at the midpoint of the Blue Mountains section, one of the most scenic sections of the entire Bruce Trail.


As part of the tour, guests get all day use of the extensive Duntroon Highlands trail network which includes access to the Bruce Trail, safe parking for your vehicle and a chance to enjoy locally inspired food and beverages at the Cafe patio or out on the trails.

To learn more and book your tour now, visit the trails page on Duntroon Highlands’ website.


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