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Opening to the Mystery – Theatre Collingwood – Porchside Festival

Starring Jake McArthur with musical accents by Violet Roseman on Tibetan Singing Planet Bowls

July 5th at 7pm

July 6th at 2pm & 7pm

Location: 84 Ontario Street, Collingwood

Join us for an evening of storytelling with Collingwood resident, Jake McArthur, based on intimate spiritual experiences with his late daughter Erica. These stories are taken from his published book. The storytelling will be followed by a reading of selected poems and a Q & A session. Signed copies of Jake’s book will be available for purchase for $20 cash at the show.

“Thank you for inviting us into the deep intimacy of your experiences and for being so courageous in your vulnerability. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.” — SF

“You are a captivating storyteller Jake!” — MJM

“You have a wonderful stage presence … a gift of truly connecting with your audience” — PB


Jake is a resident of Collingwood and these days focuses his energy on creating content and experience as an author, playwright, poet, actor and celebrant/officiant for weddings and end of life celebrations. He formerly was a business leader, executive coach and facilitator. He has written plays performed by Gaslight Theatre; he has acted with Gaslight as well as Quarter century Theatre and last year performed in our Porchside Festival in Love Letters and in our production of A Christmas Carol. His personal life purpose is to create, perform and support. The experience of Opening to the Mystery provides a strong vehicle for each. His impactful storytelling style brings the stories to life in a personal and poignant way.


Violet will provide sonic accompaniment and augmented dimension to Jake’s storytelling. She will compose, in the moment, a one-of-a-kind symphony of sound that will transport your senses using an array of different musical instruments from the hand pan, crystal bowls, chimes, tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls. Violet is a Licensed Soul Therapist®, Certified Generational Healer® + Spirit Guide and Tibetan Planet Bowl Practitioner infusing an array of sacred instruments. She is known for her passion to serve others in their healing journey with harmonic sounds to inspire others to connect to their authenticity.

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