Changing Seasons and New Traditions

Changing Seasons and New Traditions


Irish Mountain Scenic Lookout
Irish Mountain Scenic Lookout

Grateful. The perfect word to describe this season of life, this season of the year and this

season with our circle. Grateful is also the perfect word to describe being in the Southern

Georgian Bay area during this time, you know this crazy time in life that we are all experiencing

together but in so many different ways. In honouring those differences, I wanted to take my girls

on an adventure around the area supporting and experiencing the amazing community we are

surrounded by. Cue the blundstones and oversized sweaters.

Morgan, Courtney, Maddie, Briley and I hopped in the car to drive the scenic routes of the

Georgian Coast while making stops at some of the most intimate and friendly places in the area.

Ones that include family owned markets in Ravenna to orchards on the top of the mountain,

surfing on bay in Wasaga Beach and finishing in Collingwood with two of the most iconic spots

to enjoy some beverages.

Irish Mountain Scenic Lookout
Irish Mountain Scenic Lookout

We made our way around the area beginning with a carpool in Collingwood to head out for a

sunrise lookout at Irish Mountain in Meaford. A view we all knew of but had never experienced

for ourselves, especially not at sunrise, but wow was the early drive out there worth it. The sun

poured over the mountain and gave us the most stunning view of the entire Southern Georgian

Bay Area – the backyard we are all lucky enough to call home and one many are transitioning

into their home.

Scenic Drives

As we gazed out over the rolling hills and stunning bay, we couldn’t help but share some of the

things we are most grateful for about the Southern Georgian Bay area. From long winding roads

that take us from Wasaga Beach to Meaford, to the communities within each of the towns we

can easily access and support. We headed out to visit some of those amazing businesses, first

up, Ravenna Market.

Ravenna Market
Ravenna Market

If you haven’t been to Ravenna Market, you probably aren’t familiar with what makes their

market so darn popular, especially at lunch. They have THE BEST sandwiches in the area.

Ones that ooze homemade dressing over the edge of their flatbread and amazing fillings like

stacked montreal steak. Along with their freshly prepared sandwiches they also stock local

favourites like Collingwood Kombucha, Meredith’s syrups, pies, a pickle on a stick and even

vegan cookies. What we didn’t pickup but went back for later were all of the INCREDIBLE meals

they prepared and stocked in their fridges to cook later. From shepherds pie to lasagna and all

the best pies. After spilling our pickle juice and overflowing sandwiches all over the outdoor

patio, we headed out to walk the orchards of TK Ferri Orchards just down the road from the

Ravenna Market.

T K Ferri Orchards
T K Ferri Orchards

The never ending rows and rows of apples welcomed us as we drove up their driveway. Then

came Apple, their sweet pup who wagged her tail and welcomed us into the orchard. We

weren’t able to pick our own apples as you typically can at TK Ferri, but the lovely women let us

take some photos in the rows of the orchard that towered over us. We were able to still

purchase apples from the orchard, just couldn’t pick our own, which was still an amazing

experience with all the knowledge the women shared with us about what types are best for

eating and others for cooking. We said our goodbyes to the ladies and to Apple, the dog and

headed out to find the best scenic routes over the hills and to Wasaga beach.

Belting it out to our favourite songs and watching the leaves fall as we passed the most stunning

tree lined roads, we pulled over for some photos, of course.

Taking county road 2 into Ravenna and Side road 15 out and over to 119 around Blue Mountain

to hwy 26. There are so many routes around the area to enjoy the views, but this was our

favourite for the views of Collingwood as you come down the mountain.

Continuing on hwy 26 over to Wasaga Beach, Maddie grabbed her surfboard to brave the

chilled water of Georgian Bay. We met up with some of her friends who were already at Beach

Area 6. While we weren’t ready for our lessons quite yet, Maddie and her 3 other friends

practiced their paddle on the small but mighty waves with us cheering them on from shore. It

was amazing to see what we thought was only a tropical sport on the edge of our longest

freshwater beach, in the fall to boot.

After Maddie caught a few swells, we gathered her things and headed off to warm up with some

snacks and caesars at 1858 Caesar Bar in Collingwood.

1858 Caesar Bar
1858 Caesar Bar

Heading just after the lunch rush and pre dinner rush, we grabbed a table and placed our orders

for our caesars at the only caesar bar in Canada. Courtney and Maddie built their own caesars

from the list of options to enjoy. From the type of rimmer to the alcohol in the glass, and even

the “meal” you can add as the toppings such as a lobster tail, pickles, bacon and so much more.

While Courtney and Maddie enjoyed their beverages, Morgan and I (we lost briley to her shift at

work) were more there for the snacks than the caesars. We also added some chips and dip,

their delicious fries and even a hummus trio as appetizers before our dinner down the street.

Making our way north on Hurontario by foot from 1858, we headed to Gibson’s & Company for

our dinner on the town just a block away. Down the alleyway to the hidden side door, we snuck

our way in to find a table for the four of us, the perfect size for their new protocols right now. We

ordered a charcuterie board and a couple of glasses of the most amazing wine the staff

recommended for us from red to rose. Sitting under the skylight with the biggest selection of

handpicked bottles of wine from all over the world beside us, we couldn’t help but shop their

selections while nibbling on our dinner. We stayed for almost two hours chatting, eating and

shopping at Gibson’s to finish off the perfect fall day in Southern Georgian Bay. As we finished

our day, we decided to make this a running tradition for our circle with new stops added each


Gibson & Company
Gibson & Company

PS. Check out the CWOOD sign in front of the town hall (right beside Gibsons) for a moody photo

op in town.

Blog & Photography By : Kirsten Schollig from Captured By Kirsten

Kirsten is an Ontario based Wedding Photographer who takes the stress out of your big day, guiding you through every moment & capturing it along the way.

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