Blue Mountain Tea Company

Just a few blocks from Collingwood’s waterfront sits Blue Mountain Tea Company, making it the ideal spot to stop for a refreshing iced tea after a day in the sun. Blue Mountain Tea Company is one of the many locally owned businesses in South Georgian Bay and stands out as a unique and uplifting shopping experience. We sat down with the founder and owner, Katherine Maxwell, to learn more about what makes Blue Mountain Tea Company a go-to-location for visitors and locals alike.

blue mountain tea

How was Blue Mountain Tea Company created?

While on vacation, I was inspired by the appeal of a small tea shop that met both my needs and those of my then, 18 year old, stepdaughter.  I came from a corporate background and never imagined owning a business but that night, I woke with a start and began creating a business plan.  It was so far out of my comfort level, but it just felt meant to be. Three months later I was at the World Tea Expo absorbing all I could about tea and the tea business and three months after that, I’d left my corporate life behind, found a location, and opened the shop! 

What makes Blue Mountain Tea Company so unique? 

Our staff’s positive energy, knowledge and passion for finding just the right tea/herbal for every customer who walks in the door sets us apart. If we don’t have the plant they’re looking for, we’ll try to source it and if we don’t have a particular blend, we’ll concoct something  in house to try to re-create what they are looking for. We are working hard to translate that to the digital space where we directly interact with our online customers, answering questions and offering solutions to their dilemmas. 

Blue Mountain Tea Company

Tell us about the teas you offer.

We offer over 170 organics, teas, herbs and wellness blends to help our customers ease through whatever the day brings.  While we are a loose leaf retail and online store, we offer cups-to-go of hot and iced teas, kombucha on tap, turmeric shots as well as tea lattes and hot chocolate. We also have a full selection of tea accessories such as teapots, infusers, unique on the go tea steepers, and local pottery mugs.

What is your summertime go-to drink at Blue Mountain Tea Company?

Truly, that depends on the mood – caffeine, no caffeine, fruity or not…I love iced Berry Burst for a no caffeine option  – a little sweet, a little tart, super thirst quenching with some health benefits.  We also love Georgian Bay Sunshine, a green citrus jasmine blend that just brings the sunshine into your cup –  with a bit of a caffeine lift.

What is the best part about being located in South Georgian Bay?

The diversity of folks we get to meet and the way they quickly shift from strangers to regulars. As a tourist town, we’re always meeting new people but we’ve also built up a loyal community of residents (both permanent and weekenders) who have made our tea an integral part of their day. And that makes us so happy! Blue Mountain Tea Company

How can we learn more? 

If you can visit the store, please do. We’re at 167 Hurontario Street in downtown Collingwood.  The experience of seeing all the teas and discussing them with the staff is second to none.  Follow us on social @bluemountainteaco and check out our website for tea how to’s and tea info blogs.


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