AGORA: A New Language of Light Atop Blue Mountain

AGORA: A New Language of Light Atop Blue Mountain

If you ever found yourself in a forest at night your first instinct might be to run toward a light—any light. Something about a gloomy forest excites our primal sense of fear. Luckily, Blue Mountain Resort’s new attraction totally dispels that fear. Their mountaintop woodland is all lit up. It’s called AGORA: Path of Light.

So what is it?

It is probably Blue’s most unique attraction, ever. To begin, take a starlit gondola ride up to the summit. Here you enter a three-kilometre trail through the trees, where nature and technology meet. And your voice introduces them.

How? AGORA uses an innovative sound-to-light interactive technology. The lights—intermingled with the trees and landscape—actively respond to your voice in cascading colours and patterns. There are five installations along the trail, based on the elements of air, space, earth, water and fire. As Concept Designer Edesia Moreno Barata explains, “It’s a learning process: how to interact and communicate with nature. And [guests] will do it through the language of light.”

“‘Agora’ by definition is an open space where people meet or gather to exchange ideas,” adds Marie Specht, a spoken-word artist and AGORA consultant. “What would nature tell us if we found a common language?” 

You’ll need to walk the Path of Light to find out.

AGORA runs through October 25. For more info and to purchase tickets, visit Guests are encouraged to plan their visit in advance. The 50 shops and restaurants and all Blue Mountain attractions are open through the fall. Dinner and lodging reservations recommended.

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