5 Winter Activities -Thornbury

5 Winter Activities In Thornbury

The beautifully charming town of Thornbury. A destination that holds some of the finest art and attractions. If you are looking for a destination off the beaten path then look no further!


-Axe Throwing

Axed 2-16 Bruce St N, Thornbury

Break out the beards and flannel shirts for this one. Axe throwing is an experience for everyone and most definitely recommended. The best part is if you cant make it to their location, they also provide mobile axe throwing for throwers on the go!

Axed Thornbury

-Check out the Arts & Culture

  • Loft Gallery 18 Bruce St S, Thornbury – Located on the bustling main street of Thornbury. Known for their original fine art and creative workshops. You are bound to leave with a smile and a new appreciation.
  • Kelly Gale Creative 16 Bruce St N Unit #4, Thornbury -From art to music and creative workshops there’s always so much going on at Kelly Gale Creative. Year round creativity and a voice we all know from Zoomer Radio in Collingwood.

Loft Gallery Thornbury

-Taste some local Drinks

  • Thornbury Village Cidery  90 King St E, Thornbury – This is a must stop for both craft beer and cider lovers. They also have wines available; what more could you want. Between their award winning lineup and their beautiful cider house there’s no reason not to come check it out!
  • The Dam Pub 53 Bruce St S, Thornbury – Wowwee Whisky! With somewhere over 900 whiskies available at any given time even if you don’t like whisky its a sight to see. With great food, a great atmosphere and great whisky The Dam Pub is a must.

Thornbury Village Cider

-Hit the Trails

  • Georgian Trail – Roughly in the middle of the Georgian Trail is Thornbury. 13km West is Meaford and 21km East is Collingwood. The Thornbury section of the Georgian Trail boasts a number of beautiful bridges and gorgeous scenery.
  • The Beaver River Trail – This 10.7km trail starts in Thornbury harbor and connects to Clendenan dam. This trail encompasses a number of scenic views and parks.

Georgian Trail Thornbury

-Treat Yourself

Rocky Shores Health & Wellness and Raindance Cosmetics 3-16 Bruce Street North, Thornbury – Treat yourself with a wealth of information and skills in eastern and western medicine, an organic treat bar and wholesome vegan cosmetics. Vegan, gluten free and organic is the basis of every product they sell. Check out their workshops in Tibetan singing bowl meditations and much more!

Rocky Shores Thornbury

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